Response Files

Use response files to specify options used during particular compilations. Response files are invoked as an option on the command line. Options in a response file are inserted in the command line at the point where the response file is invoked.

Sample Response Files

# response file: response1.txt

# compile with these options





# end of response1 file


# response file: response2.txt

# compile with these options





# end of response2 file

Use response files to decrease the time spent entering command-line options and to ensure consistency by automating command-line entries. Use individual response files to maintain options for specific projects to avoid editing the configuration file when changing projects.

Any number of options or file names can be placed on a line in the response file. Several response files can be referenced in the same command line.

The syntax for using response files is as follows:

prompt>icpc @response1.txt source1.cpp @response2.txt source2.cpp


An "at" sign (@) must precede the name of the response file on the command line.